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Welcome Back

Somehow I landed on my blog site.  Little did I realize it's been roughly 2 years since I signed on. You'll have to excuse me since there has been some surgeries, retirement and maybe a touch of Alzhiemers kicking in. When you see retirement don't think I'm old- just broken down. There's no real big sports news going on right now so I"m just reacquainting myself with the site. Thank you CBS for not deleting me. Tomorrow my playoff run starts in fantasy football (hopefully it doesn't end tomorrow) but I don't like my chances. I have a good team but the matchups just aren't there. I almost forgot about the whole Cliff Lee thing going on. Six or seven years, 140-160 million for 6/7 years seems quite fair (I am a Yankee fan) for a 32 year old pitcher. Funny how the Yankees added the 7th. year right after the Bosox inked Carl Crawford and the Rangers went to a 6th. year in their offer for Lee. Well it's nice to see that after 2 years away things have not changed a bit. How I love the Yankees and the way sports relates to the commom man, along with the common mans salary........well you know what I mean. God Bless and go Yankees !!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
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Now that I am the new MLB commissioner I would like to announce some of the changes that I am enacting immediately.

1. Bud Selig has been banned for life from any and all baseball venues, including little league games.

2. Pete Rose  is immediately reinstated and automatically inducted into the Hall of Fame.

3. Instant replay will now be used for the entire game including every pitch.  Let's face it, the games aren't long enough.  This way you really get your money's worth.

4. All ball boys will be replaced by bikini clad ball girls.

5. Tim McCarver ????????? I still haven't decided on this one but I am taking any and all suggestions that include slow, painful torture.

6. Any player who wears a hat covering his ears will be forced to attend WNBA games on their days off.

7. Any player that steps out  of the batters box after every pitch and adjusts his batting gloves will have those gloves shoved up his a-s by  the home plate umpire.

8. That guy in the white hat that works the radar gun for the Dodgers will be sent to South America to pick coffee beans with his twin brother Juan Valdez.

9. The cameraman who seems to only show players and managers in the dugoout when they are picking their nose will be tied up in the mens room at Yankee stadium wearing nothing but a Red Sox cap. (I always seem to be eating when they cut to that camera).

10. Abbott and Costello's "Who's on First" routine will be played at every stadium in the league during the seventh inning stretch.



                                                DON'T FORGET TO SEND IN ALL SUGGESTIONS FOR RULE #5 ABOVE!

                                                                                                                  Thank you for your support,

                                                                                                                                                     THE COMMISH







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It is a beautiful Sunday for watching the NFL and anticipating the game 7 matchup between the Rays and Red Sox. As  I am sitting on the couch thinking everything is great, my wife walks by after cleaning the entire house and now starting dinner and says to me "you said you were going to spend some time with our son".  Well I guess 2 hours of tee ball and an hour of toy trains don't count (i said this to myself of course) and then proceeded to do what any smart husband would do.........I said "uhh yes dear". Then a light bulb went off.  An hour later my wife walks into the room as my son and I are watching the game and I am monitoring my fantasy team and gives me the LOOK.  I was prepared this time, because after all I was teaching my son math.....YES I said math! You see I am in a 12 team fantasy ppr league with yardage and reception bonuses. Fortunately I have Steven Jackson and Andre Johnson, both who had pretty good weeks this week. Before she can say a word I say to my son-If Steven Jackson gave me 160 rushing yds. with 3 td's and also had 2 catches for 16 yds. with a point for each 10 rushing yds., 6 pts. for each td, a ppr, and a pt. for every 10 receiving yds.with a 3 pt. bonus for every 100 yds. rushing/receiving and a 2 pt. bonus for 10+ catches then what was the total points Jackson gave daddy today? My genius son gave the correct total of 40 pts. My wife said cut it out , you know you gave him the answer. To prove my point I said - if you don't belivve me then I'll give him another one. So based on the scoring system above I pointed to Andre Johnson and told my son to do the math. Johnson had 141 yds. on 11 catches. Once again my genius son gave the correct answer(30 pts.).  As I sat there with a huge smile on my face, waiting for a congratulatory remark from my wife, all I felt was a wet hand towel land squarely on my face followed by the words-"It's time to hit the showers and in your case you better make it a COLD shower". Did I mention that my son is 3 years old? Oh well, hope I gave some of you other fathers out there a fun way to teach your kids math.
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What Is The World Coming To?

  I read today that Manny Ramirez was willing to take a pay cut to stay with the Dodgers. Manny also said that he would cut his hair and guaranteed 20 steals to go along with his power numbers next year. Joe Torre really must have that magic touch. Chad Ocho Cinco Johnson released a statement admitting that T.J. Houshmandzadeh was actually the better receiver and that Housh should make more money than Chad. In an unrelated article T.O. stated that he realizes his antics have only hurt every team he's been on and  promised to never do it agian. T.O. then went on to publicly apologize to Dononan McNabb and said that he would like to do a soup commercial with Donovan's mom. Troy Aikman came out of the closet today and for some reason Mike Piazza was standing next to him. Cal Ripken Jr. gave an interview admitting that he should not have played in all of those consecutive games to break Lou Gehrigs record and that his selfishness only hurt his team. Hal Steinbrenner met with Tony Robbins today to work on that blurting problem of his and then wished the Red Sox the best of luck in the ALCS. Last but not least , President Bush took sole responsibility for invading Iraq, admitting that it was a huge mistake and stated he only did it because Sadam Hussien had threatened his father years ago. All of this information is true and accurate. I know it is because I read it on the internet. What is the world coming to? Category: General Tags: Humor, Politics, Sports
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ROTO vs. H2H

<p>Ahhhh, the great debate. Which is the better fantasy scoring system? Is it roto, which takes into account a players stats over the course of a whole season and usually rewards a person for their knowledge and dedication?  Or is it H2H, which is played more like a real sports event and is based on what a player does for that game or week and at the end of the day it is the team with the most points that wins? Roto takes into account the fact that your players have given better numbers over the course of a season but what if those numbers come in spurts? Is it fair?  H2H scoring rewards someone who plays better for one specfic game or week and generally has more luck involved. Is that fair?   I vote for Roto because that person, in most cases has done more research and is usually a little more knowledgeable.  So which is it?  Roto or H2H?</p>

<p> </p>

<p>                                                                                                                                                                1. Roto</p>

<p>                                                                                                                                                                2. H2H</p>

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Baseballs Lost Status

Has baseball really lost that much of it's luster?  There was a time when the baseball playoffs were widely watched throughout this country.  I am watching the Cubs/Dodgers game 3, which could eliminate the Cubs from the playoffs and it's not on network television. If it weren't for TBS I wouldn't get to see the game. Thank you TBS.  I guess a couple episodes of "Lost" and SNL must generate more revenue for ABC, CBS and NBC.  No wonder our youth are getting fat.  How has baseball fallen so far?  Is it bad marketing?  Is the game that boring?  Does MLB need it's own network like the NFL?  Any ideas?



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Evan Longoria-Rookie of the Year?

Is Rays rookie Evan Longoria the AL rookie of the year?

I say yes. Even with the games he missed while injured this guy put up great numbers for a rookie. He's only gonna get better and strikeout less while raising his batting average and he'll throw you some steals along the way. This guy is way better than Alex Gordon who was so hyped last year. Longoria could be the next A-Rod..................AL Rookie of the Year?

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T.O. wants the ball more, Chad (ocho cinco) Johnson wants the ball more, every WR wants the ball more. I hear ya!!!!!!!!

I have a great solution for all these guys........become a QB !!!!!           Now shut up and catch the ball.

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